Ship designs

Water Injection Dredger Aquadelta

CIP3600 General Cargo Vessel

Workboat Coastal Crown

6,850 tdw RoLo vessel on LNG

Research Vessel ‘Wim Wolff’

General cargo vessel EasyMax

Yacht support vessel Game Changer

Arctic research vessel MARVEL

3,002 tdw fish feed carrier Eidsvaag Omega

5,875 tdw Multipurpose vessel on LNG Lady M-series

Marine Aggregate Dredger Anchorage

Crane Barge Combination

Hydrographic Survey Vessel GeoRanger

Explorer Yacht Ragnar

5,500 tdw Multi Purpose Vessel Ugah Discovery

eConowind unit

4,220 tdw Multipurpose vessel Lady H-series

250 PAX Catamaran Ferry Adler Rum Hart

General Cargo Vessel M.V. Viscount

First vessel m.s. I.W.T.A. PATHFINDER


3,500 tdw Ro-Ro vessel R2 Carrier ‘Baltic’

5,500 m3 TSHD on LNG ‘Ecodelta’

Comfort Ferry Cruise

14,300 tdw Multipurpose vessel EasyMax

Semi sub CCS 200

Arctic expedition cruise vessel

eConology Trader 3000

EuroTrader 4000 / 5000

ConoClassic 50

2,670 m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger ‘Contender’

10,100 tdw Ro-Ro vessel ‘Balticborg’

Pair trawler ‘Neptune’

Trawler | Flyshooter ‘Aaltje Postma’

750 TEU Container feeders

350 TEU Container feeder ‘Vantage’

5,500 m3 TSHD on LNG ‘Ecodelta’

Water Injection Dredger ‘Terra Plana’

Conversion Arctica 1 and 2

Conversion ‘Artic Junior’

Research vessel ‘Dupuy de Lome’

Pilot Station Vessel

3,650 tdw Heavy lift vessel

36t Ice breaking Multi purpose support vessel

Walk to Work vessel

4,500 m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger

2,500 m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger ‘Andre L’

2,400 m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger ‘UKD Orca’

15,000 tdw Multi purpose vessel

14,000 tdw Bulk carrier

11,150 tdw Multipurpose vessel

5,800 tdw Multipurpose vessel

9,000 tdw Multipurpose vessel

Ro-Ro Passenger ferry ‘Sier’

8,500 tdw Multipurpose vessel (single hold)

6,100 tdw Multipurpose vessel

8,300 tdw Multipurpose vessel

7,350 tdw Multipurpose vessel

6,000 tdw Multipurpose vessel

5,600 tdw Multipurpose vessel

4,500 tdw Multipurpose vessel

4,450 tdw Multipurpose vessel

4,200 tdw Multipurpose vessel

3,700 tdw Sea-River Liner Lady A

3,650 tdw Heavy lift vessel

3,500 tdw Multipurpose vessel

3,500 tdw Multipurpose vessel M2 Runner

3,250 tdw Multipurpose vessel

2,800 tdw Multipurpose vessel

2,600 tdw Multipurpose vessel

1,800 tdw Multipurpose vessel

5,400 m3 Bitumen tanker

3,900m3 Bitumen tanker

1,100 m3 LNG tanker

13,000 m3 Product tanker

12,500 m3 IMO-2 Chemical tanker

Anchor-handling tug/supply vessel SMIT-LLOYD 72

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