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Conoship Projects is increasing its activities to the next level in cooperation for our core clients. We receive questions from our clients through Conoship International for new concepts and designs. Most of the time leading to the obvious next questions on where to build, at what price range, and sometimes how to finance. This is where Conoship Projects starts, the project developer as consultants to experienced ship owners and stakeholders in the maritime business, to provide an independent insight in the possibilities of the total scope of your projects.

Business development starts with good ideas and new insights, combined with our strong design knowledge and knowhow. Constant investment in research and development has generated very exiting projects. Conoship is positioned right at the front of technological innovation and holds a very strong relationship with technology system leaders and advises in the choice of technological partners if needed. Interestingly enough the variety of the projects is as large as our design portfolio ranging from small workboats, aluminium passenger catamarans, to general cargo multipurpose vessels, tankers, offshore wind solutions, innovative container vessels, and even futuristic cruise vessels.

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