5,875 tdw Multipurpose vessel on LNG

Design Philosophy  

For and in close cooperation with Wijnne Barends, Conoship International fulfilled to design a truly multipurpose vessel. A ship that transports all kind of paper-related materials, in combination with the ability to sail “open top” and have a flush cargo deck to carry project cargo. Furthermore, the vessel has ice class 1A and, to comply with the sustainability goals of the owner, a dual-fuel installation (MGO and LNG).

After a successful hull optimization and model tests, Conoship performed the contract, basic and plan approval design and principle 3D construction engineering for Wijnne Barends.

Main particulars
Length over all 115.20m
Length between perpendiculars107.59m
Breadth moulded16.50m
Depth to main deck8.50m
Depth to upper deck11.30m
Draught design6.20m
Deadweight @ T = 6.20 m5,875t
Gross Tonnage4,950GT
Nett Tonnage2,365NT
Design speed12.50kn
Ice classFIN-SW 1A
Main engine (DF)2,550bkW
Auxiliary generator sets2 × 200bkW
Bow thruster350bkW
Tank Capacity
Ballast water2,275m3
Fuel oil (MGO)223m3
Potable water50m3
Cargo hold details
Dimensions hold71.40 × 13.80 × 9.50m
Tanktop load15.00t/m²
Container intake on hatches149TEU

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Image (header) courtesy of Wijnne Barends

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