Design Rationale EcoDelta

This innovative LNG fueled Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger with a capacity of 5,500 m3 for dredging company Van der Kamp BV from Zwolle, The Netherlands is built in 2017/2018. The main purpose of this dredger, that incorporates an LNG tank of approx. 300 m3 and 4 Dual Fuel main generator sets, will be maintenance dredging in ports like Rotterdam, but also the mining of sand and gravel.

Conoship provides the design, basic and detailed engineering and system integration services, for this vessel that is also fitted with special equipment for cleaning up accidental oil-spills in the area she serves. By application of innovative LNG technology, the vessel already fulfills the upcoming regulations for emission reductions (IMO tier III) that will enter into force in 2020.

Dredging company Van der Kamp has a long history in maintenance dredging, f.e. with the TSHD ‘Rijndelta’. The decision for LNG to fuel the new vessel was made very conscious. Arie Faasse, Managing Director of Van der Kamp: “We perform maintenance dredging activities in the Ports of Rotterdam, Hamburg and Eemshaven. Focus on the environment and reduction of emissions is very important , especially close to densely populated cities. Working increasingly cleaner, is our clear incentive to invest in LNG for our new dredger.”

Installed power (4 dual fuel generator sets)7,600ekW
LNG tank capacity (approx.)300m3
Propulsion2 × 2,300bkW
Bow thruster2 × 500bkW
Dredging particulars
Inside diameter drag arm 1,000mm
Maximum dredging depth37.0m
Output in board dredge pump1,350bkW
Output jet pumps2 x 450bkW
Output discharge pump2,700bkW
Hopper capacity5,500m3
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