Launches & Deliveries

Lately the following ships have been launched or delivered to their owners. 

April 23rd 2021

  • DP2 Multicat Coastal Crown

    Launch Coastal-Crown-Bijlsma-Wartena_ Foto Dikken & Hulsinga)

Late April the workboat Coastal Crown was launched at Bijlsma Wartena. This Friesian shipyard is building the 36-metre-long workboat for Acta Marine. The hybrid DP2 Multicat will be fitted with Tier III engines and a 300 kW battery pack, making it the most sustainable workboat at the moment. The vessel will be delivered this summer.

March 15th 2021

  • Walk-to-work vessel Keizersborg


The existing platform supply ship ‘SK728’ has been converted into a walk-to-work (W2W) vessel at shipyard Royal Niestern Sander in Delfzijl. This third W2W vessel has been taken into service by Wagenborg Offshore as Keizersborg on March 15th 2021. The vessel will be used as a standby and support vessel for inspection and maintenance of unmanned platforms in both Dutch and British waters in the southern North Sea. 

December 7th 2020

  • Multi Purpose Vessel Lady Hedwig

    Lady Hedwig maiden voyage

Lady Hedwig was delivered by shipyard Chowgule on 7th December 2020. The picture (above) was taken when she was leaving Goa, India for her maiden voyage on 10th December 2020. Lady Hedwig is the third of six new ships of this type. The new Lady H series is designed for transporting all kinds of cargo with maximum fuel efficiency, especially in moderate to heavy weather conditions, including sailing in ice.

October 29th 2020

  • General Cargo Vessel EasyMax

    EasyMax Launch

After a construction period of eight months the second EasyMax vessel for shipping company Royal Wagenborg successfully launched at shipyard Royal Niestern Sanders on Thursday 29th of October, 2020. The coming months will focus on finishing, commissioning and sea trial runs of the vessel, after which the vessel will be delivered early 2021. The EasyMax vessels can be considered a champion in efficiency and sustainability with world-class low EEDI.

October 15th 2020

  • Yacht Support Vessel Game Changer

    Game Changer

Icon Yachts has relaunched the refitted expedition yacht Game Changer on October 15th 2020. The unique yacht support vessel is extended with three meters to an overall length of 72.00 m. For this we provided the naval architecture, constructional engineering and on-site project assistance before and during this refit.

July 13th 2020

  • Fish feed carrier Eidsvaag Omega

    Eidsvaag omega

The Eidsvaag Omega (formerly Baltic) was recently converted into a Fish Feed Carrier by Hartman Marine Shipbuilding in Urk. The former RoRo cargo ship was commissioned by Eidsvaag AS to supply feed to salmon farms in the Norwegian fjords. In order to do this efficiently, the ship had to be modified considerably.

July 3rd 2020

  • Hydrographic Survey Vessel Geo Ranger

    Geo Ranger

After 14 months of constructing, installing, commissioning and testing, Royal Niestern Sander has delivered the hydrographic survey vessel Geo Ranger to Geo Plus B.V.  Geo Ranger can be considered as (one of) the best survey vessels in its class. Standards for a survey vessel get higher every year and project timeframes get shorter. This means a survey vessel has to offer the highest performance and flexibility as possible.

June 27th 2020

  • Explorer Yacht Ragnar

    Ragnar by night

Project Ragnar, ICON’s 68m ultimate explorer superyacht, has been successfully delivered to her new owners team and is currently on her maiden voyage to Iceland. Ragnar boasts a certified ICE Class A1 super hull, equipping her with Arctic explorer capabilities. Ragnar also includes luxury accommodation areas, a toy deck and helicopter landing pad.

June 5th 2020

  • MAD Anchorage

    Anchorage - Terneuzen - Barkmeijer

The Marine Aggregate Dredger Anchorage was delivered on the 5th of June to the Zeeland based company De Hoop Terneuzen. This family owned company is a major supplier of building materials in Holland and Belgium. Anchorage has been built especially for extracting sand and gravel at sea. The vessel has been developed and built in the Netherlands in collaboration with Dutch suppliers, mainly from the northern part of the Netherlands.

January 7th 2020

  • Multi Purpose Vessel Lady Hestia

    LAdy HEstia

Lady Hestia was delivered by shipyard Chowgule on the 7th of January 2020. Lady Hestia is the second of six new ships of this type. The new Lady H series is designed for transporting all kinds of cargo with maximum fuel efficiency, especially in moderate to heavy weather conditions, including sailing in ice.